Objectives of DAPQAR

The Directorate is charged with the responsibility to ensure the maintenance as well as continuous improvement of academic standards and research. Specifically it is mandated to:

  • Monitor academic programmes of the University in terms of their objectives, assessment practices and availability of human and material resources.
  • Update departments with curriculum related policy changes from National University Commission (NUC) from time to time.
  • Periodic needs assessment of staff, teaching and research requirements of academic Departments
  • Ensure that Departments and the University Library comply with NUC Benchmark for Minimum Academic Standards (BMAS) for ndergraduate and post graduate programmes
  • • Monitor all processes and resources that directly or indirectly influence the teaching, learning and research environment of the University
  • • Organise seminars and workshops and conferences periodically on curriculum and quality assurance issues ; other relevant issues including research proposal writing
  • Collect and collate information/data on students, staff and institutional facilities including sex disaggregated records on staff, students and facilities which will be freely available ; submit reports on same to university management periodically
  • Carry out monitoring visits periodically to evaluate teaching and research activities of Departments and Colleges.
  • Support institutional and departmental research.
  • Coordinate research, avail staff of grants opportunities; strengthen the capacity of academic staff through qualitative research initiatives and innovative approaches
  • Provide guidance on quality research publication outlets to staff.
  • Promote the culture of and adherence to quality assurance at all levels in the University.
  • Advocate for innovative programmes which promote critical thinking and creativity.
  • Conduct mock accreditation of all programmes on semester basis to ensure that academic programmes are run in line with the guidelines of National University Commission.
  • Facilitate curriculum development/review processes when necessary.
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