Chemical Sciences

Course Overview
Admission Requirements

The curriculum is designed to train Chemists who are knowledgeable, highly motivated  professionals who are capable to train other people both in applied and natural sciences.The programme is also designed to develop confidence in the Chemistry teachers who will enhance their abilities to adapt to the changing situation in a technologically -oriented global society.


The objectives of the Department are to:
  •  To train teachers who are very conversant, in broad sense, with theories, principles and application of Chemistry so that they could be thoroughly resourceful, adaptive and innovative in their later employment whether in the field of chemical research, in university or school teaching, in industry or on their own;
  • To train competent and highly knowledgeable Chemistry teachers for Senior Secondary Schools, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education;
  •  To train Chemistry teachers who will be able to motivate students interest in Chemistry through the use of appropriate teaching strategies at all levels of post-primary and post-secondary educational institutions.
  • To train teachers who will be well-equipped to proceed for higher degrees either in Chemistry or Chemistry Education.


Below are the list of Programme Under Chemical Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Industrial Chemistry

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Course List

S/N Course Code Course Title
1 CHE102 Chemistry Practical
2 CHE105 Experimental Practical 1
3 CHE111 Basic Chemistry 1
4 CHE111 General Chemistry
5 CHE121 Basic Chemistry 11
6 CHE121 Basic Chemistry for Non Chemistry Students (Prerequisite to CHE 212)
7 CHE122 Introductory Organic Chemistry (Prerequisite to CHE 212)
8 CHE123 Introductory Inorganic Chemistry
9 CHE124 Introductory Physical Chemistry
10 CHE204 Chemistry Practical
11 CHE205 Experimental Chemistry II
12 CHE211 Organic Chemistry 1
13 CHE211 Analytical Chemistry I [prerequisite to CHE 311
14 CHE212 Physical Chemistry
15 CHE212 General organic chemistry *{CHE 112 OR 122 IS Required
16 CHE213 Chemistry Methods
17 CHE213 Introductory Applied Chemistry (Photochemistry, Solid state
18 CHE214 Inorganic Chemistry
19 CHE214 Electrochemistry
20 CHE215 Chemistry Method 1
21 CHE216 Industrial Chemistry (Dye and Textile Chemistry & Cosmetics and Detergents Chemistry)
22 CHE217 Introductory Green and Forensic chemistry
23 CHE221 Analytical Chemistry I
24 CHE221 Instrumentation Chemistry
25 CHE222 Phase Equilibria
26 CHE222 Stereochemistry
27 CHE223 Electrochemistry and Redox Equilibria
28 CHE223 Chemistry of Main Block elements
29 CHE224 Chemical Kinetics & Equilibrium
30 CHE224 Chemical Kinetics & Equilibrium
31 CHE305 Experimental Chemistry III
32 CHE311 Organic Reactions
33 CHE311 Analytical Chemistry II (CHE 211 is required)
34 CHE312 Inorganic Chemistry
35 CHE312 Organic Reactions
36 CHE313 Chemistry Methods
37 CHE313 Transition Chemistry
38 CHE314 Organic Spectroscopy
39 CHE314 Phase Equilibra
40 CHE315 Analytical Chemistry II
41 CHE315 Chemistry Method II
42 CHE316 Quantum Chemistry
43 CHE316 Quantum Chemistry
44 CHE317 Organic Spectroscopy
45 CHE318 Polymer Chemistry
46 CHE321 Kinetics and Chemical Equilibrium
47 CHE321 Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy
48 CHE322 Polymer Chemistry
49 CHE322 Polycyclic and Heterocyclic compounds
50 CHE323 Chemical Thermodynamics
51 CHE323 Organometallic Chemistry
52 CHE324 Organometallic Chemistry
53 CHE324 Chemical Thermodynamics
54 CHE325 Experimental Physical Chemistry
55 CHE325 Introduction to Organic Synthesis
56 CHE326 Protein and carbohydrate chemistry
57 CHE327 Scientific Research & Writings
58 CHE420 Synthentic Experimental Chemistry
59 CHE421 Molecular Spectroscopy
60 CHE421 Food Chemistry and Analysis
61 CHE422 Aromatic Heterocyclic & Natural Products Chemistry
62 CHE422 Chemistry of Natural Products and Bioactives
63 CHE423 Co-ordination Chemistry
64 CHE423 Co-ordination and Complex Chemistry
65 CHE424 Environmental & Toxicology Chemistry
66 CHE424 Basic Computational chemistry and cheminformatics
67 CHE425 Experimental Organic Chemistry
68 CHE425 Environmental and Toxicology Chemistry
69 CHE426 Basic in drugs, pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry
70 CHE427 Introductory Forensic Chemistry
71 CHE428 Nuclear and Radiochemistry
72 CHE429 Project
73 CHE429 Research Project
74 ICH312 Dye stuff Chemistry
75 ICH323 Petrochemical and Utilization of Waste


Five ‘O’ level credits at one sitting or six ‘O’ level credits at two sittings to include

-English Language,
-Physics and any other 2/3 subjects from
Additional (Further) Mathematics, Agricultural Science and Computer Science.


Two ‘A’ level passes in Chemistry and one of Mathematics, Physics and Biology. NCE merit in two core subjects including:
-Chemistry and one of Mathematics, and Biology.

*OND/HND with Upper Credit in Chemistry or Physics with Electronics or Electronics.


Chemistry, Mathematics / Physics plus one (1) other subject from Science.