There is hereby established for the University a Council to be known as the Council of Tai Solarin University of Education, the constitution and procedure of which shall, subject to the provisions of this Law, be in accordance with such provisions as may be made by Statute in that behalf.

The Council shall be the governing authority of the University and shall have the custody, control and disposition of all the property and finances of the University and, except as may otherwise be provided in this Law, shall manage and superintend generally the affairs of the University and, in any matter concerning the University not provided for by or under this Law the Council may act in such manners as may appear to it to best calculated to promote the interests, objects and purposes of the University.



Senate is the highest organ of the university established by  section 19 of the university law. It is responsible for adminstration of Academic programmes and policies of the university. It’s main activities also includes regulation of students’ activities on the campus, management of Faculties, Centers, approval of students’ academic records and calender.

Membership of Senate

  1. Vice Chancellor        Chairman
  2. Deputy Vice Chancellor
  3. University Librarian
  4. Provost of the Postgraduate College
  5. Deans of Colleges and Students’ Affairs
  6. Directors of all Academic Programmes
  7. All Professors
  8. Heads of Academic Departments
  9. Congregation Representatives
  10. Registrar –           Secretary


Senate Committees

Senate has the under-mentioned Standing Committees:

  • Committee of Provost, Deans and Academic Directors (COPDAAD)
  • University Research and Learned Conference Committee
  • Academic Planning Committee
  • University Library Council
  • Staff Professional Ethics Committee
  • Committee on Scholarship and Academic Prizes
  • Postgraduate College Committee
  • Time- Table and Calendar Committee
  • Committee on Information Technology and Communication
  • Committee on Partnership, Linkages and International Relations
  • The University Central Admissions Committee
  • Committee on Affiliation
  • Examination Malpractice Committee
  • Students Disciplinary Committee


It is a general assembly of graduate members of academic and non-teaching staff of the university established by section 21 of the university law.

It is a forum where university issues and problems are discussed and recommendations are made to the Senate and Council for necessary legislative and administrative actions.


The University has five(5) colleges and Post Graduate College. Each College is governed by college board which broadly controls the academic programmes of the colleges subject to senate approval.