The Registry


The Registry

Registry staff are class of administrative officers in the University whose job career and schedule of duties are specified in the career structure to generate and transmit information, policies and service direction of the Institution. They are the custodians of records, rules, history, traditions and culture of the University system in addition to having good core leadership competency. The registry as the engine room of the University administrative structure works in collaboration with other units and departments to effectively carry out the Institutional objectives and multiple goals of the university system. The wide range scope of duties of the University career administrators include human resources and personnel management, secretariat coverage of boards and committees, processing of students academic records for storage and retrieval, students admission, staff training, welfare and disciplinary matter including playing advisory roles to the Chief Executive and Council on oversight functions for good governance and stability of the system.

The Tai Solarin University of Education at its transformation and establishment in 2005 inherited the administrative framework and structures of the old College of Education for the smooth take off of the University. The registry being the core administrative unit of the University was responsible for a broad range of works and functions from the transformation year that were responsible for managing and organising all channels of communication towards making every sector of the University administration perform their functions effectively within the lifecycle of the University management till date. As the administrative hub of the University, it had continued to play significant roles in the academic life of the University through secretariat coverage of statutory bodies and ad hoc committees and as service centres of university’s activities.


The Registry and Central Administrative structure of the University

The jobs of the administrators in the registry of a University are mostly routine and quite challenging. According to Civil service manual handbook, career administrative functions “require evolving new techniques to improve on the past as well as to meet fresh challenges”. Administrators in every organisation’s registry are expected to use their initiative and judgement wisely to articulate position papers, recording of proceedings in deciding issues without deviating from the rules and procedures. They are expected to employ strategic leadership for above average returns in the institution. They are the main access route to the organisational functions whose job functions and duties include offering necessary solution to customer’s queries.

The Tai Solarin University of Education Registry from inception had been playing significant roles in the day -to-day running of the University administration for the general fulfilment of the vision and mission of the University. The Registry as a dynamic constituent component of the University had been in the centre of the various administrative schedule functions and reforms in accordance with the growing needs of the University over the years of its existence.  The registry as the administrative nerve of the system is most of the time strategically working to achieve the socio-economic goals and development of the University.

It should be noted that the University operational administrative structure stands on the quadruple stand poles of the Council, the Senate, the Congregation and the Convocation. The main function of the Registry department in this regard had consistently been to see to effective and efficient running of University operations by initiating the decision processes and implementation of policies and directives of the responsible organs of the University. The career administrators in the university from time to time coordinate all the activities of the University and communicate with all the numerous stakeholders of the University decisions and directives of Council, Senate and the Management. They ensure that the policies and programmes of the university at any particular time are carried out decisively.

These roles and functions of recruitment, selection, admission, articulating academic rules and regulations for assessments, promotions and students graduation, posting utilisation and accommodation of human resources of the University are usually carried out in the following divisions and units of the university:

  • Human Resources Management Division
  • Academic Affairs
  • The Senate Affairs
  • Exams and Records
  • Students Affairs
  • Admissions
  • Office of the Vice Chancellor
  • Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor
  • Legal services
  • Council Affairs and General Administration
  • College Offices
  • Post Graduate College
  • Centres and Directorates
  • Media and Public Relations
  • Advancement Office
  • Alumni Relations
  • Protocols and Passages
  • University Ventures


Office of the Registrar and Secretary to Senate and Council

The Registry Department is headed by the Registrar, who is the Chief administrative officer of the university responsible to the Vice Chancellor for the day to day administration of the university. He superintends over the administrative unit of the University to communicate major decisions of the University organs in his capacity as the secretary to the Council, Senate, Congregation and Convocation.  The University laws made provisions for the appointment of Registrar “who shall be appointed by Council after considering the recommendation of a Joint Selection Committee of Senate and Council, and who shall be responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to-day administration of the University. (2)The person holding the office of Registrar shall by virtue of the office be Secretary to Senate and to Council. The University Law also specified that the appointment of Registrar is for a single term of Five years.

From inception of the University in 2005, four Administrators have served as the Registrar of the university; two as substantive and two in acting capacities at different times. The pioneer Registrar of the University, Mr Femi Kayode spent ten years of two terms in office between 2005 and 2015. He had the privilege of serving two terms since the enactment of the University Act which regulated the appointment of Principal Officers of Universities to a single term of five years was not yet in operation at the time of his first term tenure in office. At the expiration of his second term in office in 2015, Mr. Francis Odutuga, the Deputy Registrar (Establishments) was appointed the Acting Registrar of the University. He spent three year in office between 2015 and 2018.

 On 1st August 2018, Late Kamil Ogunyemi, the Deputy Registrar, (Council Affairs and General Administration) was appointed by the University Council as the second substantive Registrar of the University. He spent just three (3) months in office before his demise on 9th October 2018. Following the demise of late Kamil Ogunyemi, the University Management on 11th October 2018 appointed Mr. Hassan Babatunde Oduwole, the Deputy Registrar (Academic Affairs) as the Acting Registrar who is still holding the office till date in acting capacity. The University Registry under the leadership of these four super Administrators has overtime been witnessing staff growth, expansion, repositioning and reorganizations in her operations and development to accommodate many growing needs of the University in line with best practices for effective and efficient service delivery. The University Registry presently has in its nominal roll two hundred and twenty three (223) staff representing 25.23% of the total work force in the University in the established Divisions, Directorates and Centres of the University

The Administrative Divisions of the Registry

 The Registry has four main divisions in the administrative structure of the University who reports directly to the Registrar on wide range of administrative functions of the University . They are;

  1. Academic Affairs Division
  2. Human Resources MAnagement Division                                  
  3. Council and General Administration Division
  4. Admissions


Academic Affairs Division

Academic Affairs Division is headed by Deputy Registrar (Academic Affairs). He is responsible for the day to day administration and coordination of activities in the Division. The Division deals with implementation and coordination of Senate directives and policies. It also administers issues on students’ registration and statistics, and safe keeping of student records/archives of the University and issuance of statement of results, academic transcript and certificate. Under the direct supervision of the Division are:

  • Exams and Records
  • Senate Affairs


Human Resources Management Division

The Establishments Division of the University is headed by a Deputy Registrar who oversees and coordinates the following units:

Data Entry and Statistics Unit

The Unit is in charge of:

  • Leave matters for all staff
  • Record of service update for all staff
  • Nominal roll update and statistics
  • Staff file storage and maintenance
  • ICT server control and monitor as regards Personnel
  • Handling yearly personnel budgeting
  • APER form and Establishments’ time table of activities for Appointment and promotion exercise
  • Verification of staff credentials
  • Issuing letter of introduction as may be required by members of staff
  • Any other duties as may be assigned to the unit

Academic Staff Unit (ASU)

This Unit oversees personnel matters of Academic staff on CONUASS 1 -7 as follows:

  • Appointment, Regularisation, Conversion, Confirmation, Promotion, Discipline and Retirement of all categories of Academic Staff of the University
  • Registration of newly employed Academic Staff, issuance of Posting and assumption letters
  • Keeping records of Academic staff on sabbatical and contract appointments, renewal, extension or disengagement/ expiration of appointment    
  • Compilation of papers for Appointment and Promotions (Academics) Committee
  • Any other duties as may be assigned to the unit

The Unit liaises with DAPQA on Academic Staff related matters and reports directly to the Deputy Registrar, Establishments Division.

Administrative & Technical Staff Unit (ATSU)

The Senior Administrative & Technical staff comprises CONTISS 6 – 15. This Unit is to replace the old (Senior Non- Teaching Unit) and is expected to perform the following duties:

  • Appointment, promotion, regularization, conversion, confirmation, discipline and retirement of all categories of senior Administrative and Technical staff of the University.
  • Registration of newly appointed senior Administrative & Technical Staff,
  • Issuance of posting and assumption letters,
  • Compilation of necessary papers for the Administrative Staff Appointment and Promotion Committee and clerking same
  • Redeployment and posting of staff
  • Any other duties as may be assigned to the unit.

The Unit reports directly to the Deputy Registrar, Establishments Division.

Junior Staff Unit (JSU):

The Junior Administrative & Technical staff comprises CONTISS 1- 5. It is to replace the old (Junior Non- Teaching Unit) and it is expected to perform the following duties:

  • Appointment, promotion, conversion, regularisation, confirmation, discipline and retirement of Staff.
  • Issuance of assumption and posting letters to the newly employed Junior staff,
  • Making established submissions on specific matters,
  • Handling matters relating to Industrial Training,
  • Compilation of papers for Junior Staff Appointments and Promotion Junior Staff Appointments and Promotions Committee and clerking same.
  • Posting and Re-deployment of Junior Administrative and Technical Staff
  • Any other duties as may be assigned to the unit.

The Unit reports directly to the Deputy Registrar, Establishments Division.


Council and General Administration Division

Council Affairs Division of the University is headed by a Deputy Registrar who is directly responsible to the Registrar for day to day activities of the division. The Division handles the following schedules:

  1. Secretarial coverage and administrative follow-up actions for the Governing council meetings.
  2. Deals with correspondence with the Ministries and agencies of Government.
  3. Maintenance and Update of Council Records and other correspondence for safe keeping and retrieval
  4. Ensuring that laid down procedures/regulations for meetings are strictly adhered to.
  5. Good rapport and close liaison with other departments in the University for the achievement of the University corporate objectives.
  6. Upkeep of Council Chamber and inventories.
  7. Adequate welfare of Council members (e.g. their entitlement/claims) and conducive atmosphere for meeting.
  8. Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.



The Admission Unit is headed by a Deputy Registrar.. The unit processes all applications for admission into various programmes of the University. 

  • Attends to Students and general public on matters relating to admissions
  • handles the registration of admitted students through College liaison officers
  • Compilation and imputing of Admissions data
  • Endorsement of graduating students final clearance
  • Preparing admissions statistical analysis and data extraction
  • Preparing JAMB exams
  • Post UTME and PT screening exercise
  • Issuance of Admission letters
  • Analyses the application of prospective Students based on Standard admission policies
  • Secretarial coverage to the Admissions Committee
  • Maintains a database of students’ information, telephone numbers, and students’ feedback in order to generate feedback for management when required.
  • Maintaining Admission Register                                                                                                                                   


The University management in 2019 carried out a restructuring exercise in the Registry, the Admission office that used to be a Unit in the Academic Affairs Division is now a new Division. The management also created a Division of Media and Corporate Relations in the Office of the Vice Chancellor. The new Division of Media and Corporate Relations is to coordinate affairs of Media and Public Relations Unit, Protocol and Passages Unit and Advancement Office which is now in charge of TASUED Foundations and ALUMNI Relations matters. Both Divisions of Admissions and Media and Corporate Relations are headed by Deputy Registrars.

The University Registry presently has eleven units headed by Deputy Registrars. They include; Establishments Division, Council and General Administration Division, Admissions, Centre for Human Rights and Gender Education (CHURGE), Centre for Part time and Preliminary Studies (CEPPS), Media and Corporate Relations , Legal Affairs, Post Graduate College, Student Affairs and Office of the Vice Chancellor.