ICT Center

The TASUED ICT Centre was established in the year 2010 as a genuine effort by the University management to transform the then e-Learning Centre that was formed from the inception of the University in the year 2006 for Enhanced Capacity and Effectiveness.

The ICT Centre is charged with the responsibilities of deploying ICT solution and services for administration, teaching, research and learning to the University Community. Also to provide the needed mix of man-power and technology for the realization of the University ICT needs for enhanced administrative performance and staff productivity.

To be the leading University ICT Centre in African and hub of innovative Information and Communication Technology development offering qualitative services that define the standards for teaching and learning.

MISSION: To Support the University Community with cutting-edge Information and Communication technology solutions and initiatives that is engineered by our highly resourceful and well motivated staff through continuous research in education services that promotes qualitative teaching and learning.


  • Qualitative Service Delivery and Customer focused
  • Research & Innovation
  • Integrity & Reliability
  • Collaborative and Sharing
  • People & Possibility


  • To assess the level of available skill of the ICT staff and map such to the ICT needs assessment of the University to fill the identified skill gap.
  • To contribute to the University’s Sustainability and change agenda by maintaining an effective staff development programme which ensures that all staff continue to develop the necessary skills to provide high quality services and support.
  • To annex resource together in developing a robust ICT that will provide the University with a seamless integration and deployment of the right blend of ICT tool that will drive the University policy on academic excellence.
  • To drive a target oriented, service and result driven ICT centre that respects the needs and requirements of the university Community and delivers on quality through a highly motivated and astute staff using the best of ICT tools at competitive budget.
  • University Community to digitize data.

ICT organizational chart reflecting the hierarchy of decisions and operations to meet the emerging ICT challenges of the University.

Strategic & Policy Level:It’s to be University ICT Committee- a level where policy decision on strategic ICT plan of the University is made.

Coordination Level:It’s to be occupied by the University ICT Director, who transforms the University ICT Policy decision into a work plan and coordinates such ICT project to its full implementation. Assisted by a Deputy, who is also an Academic Staff with strong background in I.T

Functional Head Level:It represents the array of key functional units of the ICT Centre – to be headed by functional Unit Head, who will mobilize required human resources to deliver on key project plan to standard.

Operational Level:The level is filled with key ICT staff with core skill in key functional units of the ICT Centre.