The directorate’s scope of responsibilities:

Directorate of Academic Planning, Quality Assurance and Research (DAPQAR) formerly Academic planning and quality control unit was upgraded in January,2014 

to a directorate with a dual responsibility of Academic Planning and Quality Assurance as well as Research and Innovation. The directorate ensures adherence to NUC academic standards and world university’s academic best practices, enhance research/capacity building; attract grants and also avail staff of available research/grant opportunities from time to time. The Directorate is responsible to the Vice Chancellor for the planning and control of the academic activities and policies of the university, in all ramifications, with a view to ensuring quality output and compliance with the National Universities Commission (NUC) guidelines on minimum standard DAPQAR is responsible for the Quality Assurance of the University’ academic programmes, processes and procedures through monitoring and evaluation of all activities that directly or indirectly influence academic quality. Its vision is to be an effective organ of sound synchronization, reorganization, monitoring and appraisal of TASUED academic growth; and also an excellent catalyst of research and innovation in the University while its mission is to provide a standard platform for the enhancement of compliance with world’s best practices in quality assurance, research and innovation.

Contact Us: dapqar@tasued.edu.ng