Protocol and Passages Unit

The Protocol and Passages unit is saddled with the responsibility of handling the University’s ceremonies, events and guests’ hospitality. The unit adds to the already existing image of the University through friendship, linkage opportunities and internationalization. The Unit, headed by a Principal Assistant Registrar, is under the Media and Corporate Relations Office (MCR) headed by a Deputy Registrar in the Office of the Vice Chancellor.


The Unit is responsible for:

  • Procurement of travel documents and interfacing with the embassies.
  • Handling flights and other travel formalities.
  • University guests’ hospitality.
  • University ceremonial committee protocol arrangements.
  • Compiling and updating the University Protocol list.
  • Planning social receptions, cocktails and other events.
  • Liaising with government and non-governmental agencies, parastatals, Universities, friends and dignitaries for event, functions, training etc.