College of Specialised and Professional Education

Education in its broadest sense provides the background against which development acquires its real meaning. This reality is clearly articulated in the Nattional Policy on Education which states that any existing contradictions, ambiquities and lack of uniformity in educational practices in the different parts of the Federation should be removed to facilitate an even and orderly development of the country.The Nigeria of our collective dream, is one that is free and democratic, just and egalitarian, united, strong and self-reliant, with a great and dynamic economy, and above all , a land full of bright opportunities for all the citizens. These goals also underlie the philosophical ideals of Nigerian education which the college stands to propagate.Therefore,the college of Applied education and Vocational Technology aims at the training of academically sound and professionally adequate teachers and trainers with great capability to nurture the youth, and guide them effectively to utilize their potentialities to the fullest. Great emphasis would be placed on the practical maximisation and display of talents, creative thinking, originality and vocational ability.

Below are the list of departments under the College of Specialised and Professional Education

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