The year 2021 could be said to be one of new beginning after the dire COVID-19 ravage and the unprecedented loss of lives around the world in 2020. The resultant economic effects of the Covid-19 scourge and shutdown alongside the paucity of funds currently being experienced in the University affected the Directorate adversely resulting in a drastic reduction in activities. Despite that however, the Directorate was able to carry out a few activities as presented below:

Between 6th and 7th July, 2021, the Directorate and indeed the University played host to the TETfund NRF Monitoring Team who were in the University to evaluate and monitor Prof. Samuel Oladipo’s project on the grant he won in 2019, titled “Development and Validation of Psycho-Educational Counselling Intervention Program to enhance Post-Abuse and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) coping of survivors of child sexual Abuse in Nigeria” worth Twelve Million and six hundred thousand Naira only (N12,600,000:00) The team expressed their satisfaction with the level of work done and the judicious use of the funds released so far.

In July 2021, the Director attended a performance evaluation and follow up workshop on effective
Research Administration organized by TETfund at Abuja.

In August 2021, the University Management set up the University Special Research Committee to handle all matters relating to research within the University and midwife a robust and competitive research atmosphere within the Campus while encouraging wholesome, relevant and problem solving projects. The Committee met a couple of times and had a training session with Prof. Toyin Ashiru, a renowned researcher and a member of the University Trust Foundation who discussed on the rudiments for a successful grant winning research and gave the template for same.

During the course of the year, the Directorate called for Research Volunteers, people who are interested in research activities from all fields and who are ready to make contributions to achieve excellent research results. A lot of people showed interest and responded to the call. A group was formed and they have since commenced training to better equip them for the task(s) ahead.

Out of the fifteen proposals forwarded to TETfund under the Institution Based Research grants, thirteen members of staff won the grants from different departments in the University. Below are the details:

1Prof. Samuel. E. OladipoLife Skill as panacea for Burnout Among
academic staff of Universities: TASUED in focus.
2Dr. Owoyele J. W.Psycho-Social and Demographic predictors of
suicide ideation among TASUED
undergraduates: implications for psychological
3Dr. Oriola Mufutau OluwakemiSelect Nigerian National Newspapers’ Framing
of the 2019 Presidential Election campaign,
perception and voting pattern of TASUED
Community members.
4Dr. Awofala Awoyemi AbayomiAssociation of self-related health with
multimorbidity among women cohort with
varied parity status in Ogun State.
5Prof. Oyebanjo Oluwakemi A.Enhancing students’ learning outcome in
secondary school mathematics using Concrete-
Representational Abstract (CRA) sequence in
Ogun State.
6Prof. Adeniran A. AdetoroAssessment of the use of open educational
resources in Tai Solarin University of Education.
7Dr. Banjo Folake MaryAssessment of safe-sex knowledge, human
immunodeficiency virus risk and sexual
behaviour profiles among female students of
Tai Solarin University of Education.
8Prof. Bamiro Adekunle OladipupoHealth risk assessment of human Exposure to
Potentially Toxic Elements (PTEs) in the dust
samples from University campuses in South
West, Nigeria.
9Dr. (Mrs) Oluwakemi Oluwabunmi BanjokoBioactive microfluidic paper sensor for
determination of pesticides in agricultural food
samples in South West, Nigeria.
10Dr. Adeoye M. AdeniyiAddressing non-marital cohabitation among
university undergraduate through psycho-
educational program in Tai Solarin University of
11Dr. Ahmed Olakunle SimisayeEvaluation of utilisation of Tai Solarin University
of Education library resources and services by
students and staff.
12Dr. Adefunke EkineEnhancing Science, Technology, Engineering
and Mathematics (STEM) learning outcome
through Inquiry Learning Space (ILS) in some
secondary schools in Ijebu Ode LGA, Ogun
13Dr. Sowole OlusegunHealth risk assessment of natural radionuclides
ingestion from selected edible crops cultivated
around limestone excavating areas in Ogun

Research Ethical Clearance was issued in the months of August and October to members of staff who submitted their research proposals to the Directorate for assessment and ethical clearance.

The University was supposed to host Professor Mojubaolu Olufunke Okome of City University of New York (CUNY) during the year for between 6 and 8 weeks to work with the Department of Political Science on ‘Graduate Mentorship, Curriculum development and Inter-disciplinary action Research.

This is based on a proposal (for project funding) to the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program (CADFP) put together by the Directorate in conjunction with Prof. Okome. The proposal was selected among several others and granted approval However, due to the current state of insecurity in the Nation, the Scholar could not visit as planned but has graciously postponed the visit till January 2022. Prof. Okome, a Fulbright Scholar and an editor of many academic journals, is a Professor of Political Science from Brooklyn College, City University of New York, United State.

Her research interests include ‘Effects of globalisation, post-colonialism and post-modernity on economic and political transformation; Gender, Democracy and Citizenship in Africa and African Diaspora Studies.

In conclusion, due to the fact that 2021 was summarily the year of a new beginning after the 2020 Covid 19 pandemic, the Directorate was not able to do much as it was a year of re-strategizing and laying of new ground rules with a view to encouraging more participation in research activities within the University. Despite this however, we have been able to celebrate our ‘little wins’ while looking forward to more enduring years and better results as the years go by.

Prof. S.E. Oladipo
Director (DRER)