The focus of the Centre is to bring education closer to the relatively matured individuals who may wish to acquire Bachelor’s degree while on their work. In doing this, facilities and infrastructures in sufficient quantity and quality are provided i.e. the quality of the resource persons involved in the teaching of the courses floated by the Centre are` the same with that of Full-Time Studies, so also are the facilities.


  1. To serve as a coordinating centre for all the various units of the University for quality teaching of the part-time and external programmes of the University.
  2. To guide the students to acquire the necessary knowledge, skill and experience equivalent to what students in full time programmes normally acquire for their future use.
  3. To link up with various Colleges of the University in the improvement of the existing programmes and the establishment of new ones.
  4. To prepare academic materials, in collaboration with the Colleges and Departments, for distribution to students for the enhancement of their studies.
  5. To guide the students in their various locations in order to acquire skills, new knowledge and competence through exposure to quality teaching and research efforts of the resource persons the Centre may engage.
  6. vi) To provide opportunity for the improvement of skills and acquisition of knowledge to a large number of matured individuals who, for one reason or the other, cannot come under the full time programme of the University
  7. To engage in such activities, programmes and pursuits as may be directed by the Senate of the University in agreement with the overall objectives for the establishment of the Centre, and
  8. To work within the guidelines which the supervising agency i.e. National Universities Commission (NUC) may provide from time to time.