1. Registration of New Students
  2. All new students are expected to register with the Health Centre and they are expected to pay an approved fee for laboratory investigations and a lump sum as contribution per session to the heavily subsidized cost of drugs at the beginning of each session. It is compulsory for all students to register in the Health Centre. Late registration attracts a fine. The Clinic offers a 24-hour service throughout the week.
  3. Schedule of Consultation
  4. Emergencies anytime.

    Staff and students should be in possession of their Identity Cards when coming to the Clinic.
  5. Medical Laboratory Facilities
  6. There is a standard laboratory where the routine and specialised examinations are carried out at subsidized rate for students.

  7. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) Clinic
  8. The centre also operates STD Clinjc where students are counselled about sexually transmitted diseases, HIV / AIDS inclusive.

  9. Family Planning Clinic
  10. The Centre provides family planning counselling and facilities