The Counselling unit is a unit that presently operates under the Students’ Affairs department of the university. The unit was established following the realization of the university that students as well as members of staff may need its services especially where confidentiality is necessary. The unit is managed by a team of professionals. It is a community-based unit that offers counselling and support services primarily for students, staff and other members of the community.

The support facilities provided are well spread and may include:

  • Counseling : This includes Educational, Clinical, Psychological, Socio-personal, Vocational, Reproductive – Health and Family counselling, especially, Pre-marital counseling.
  • Choice of Employment Support: These support services include Resume preparation assistance, Job search assistance and Interviewing strategies and techniques.
  • Financial management: This includes training programmes and counselling for basic personal and family financial management.
  • Community Orientation : This facility provides information on local community services and recreational opportunities.
By extension, this unit projects into having a Research centre that will provide the facilities for researching into issues affecting humanity in general.