Course Overview
Admission Requirements

Mathematics have a wide range of applications in Science, Engineering, Medicine, Technology and the Social Sciences. Mathematics, in particular helps in mental and intellectual development of the individuals.The philosophy of Mathematics Programme is therefore inspired by the need to assist students to be proficient in Mathematics and be able to apply concepts and laws effectively in many areas where necessary. The curricula for Mathematics have been carefully planned to expose students to various aspects of Mathematics and also to allow students to specialize according to their aptitudes in pure Mathematics.

  • To develop students intellectual capability and their ability to reason logically.
  • To inculcate in the students the skill for scientific enquiry and the application of mathematics techniques in solving scientific and technological problems.
  • To train highly- skilled Mathematicians who would be able to translate some of the abstract concepts into reality and use same in solving emerging national problems.
  • To train graduates who will demonstrate appreciable ability and competence for post-graduate studies in Mathematics.
  • To train graduates who are able to impart the knowledge of Mathematics effectively on others.
  • To train graduates who are able to apply Mathematics concepts to their advantage in many areas of employment.


Below are the list of Programme Under Mathematics


  • Mathematics

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Course List

S/N Course Code Course Title
1 MAT111 Elementary Mathematics 1
2 MAT111 Elementary Mathematics I
3 MAT112 Introduction to statistics
4 MAT121 Elementary Mathematics II
5 MAT121 Elementary Mathematics II
6 MAT122 Statistics
7 MAT122 Probability Distribution
8 MAT123 Vectors and Coordinate Geometry
9 MAT123 Vectors &Coordinate Geometry
10 MAT124 Probability Distribution
11 MAT124 Dynamics of a rigid body
12 MAT125 Dynamics
13 MAT211 Mathematical Methods I
14 MAT211 Mathematics Methods I
15 MAT212 Linear Algebra I
16 MAT212 Linear Algebra I
17 MAT213 Real Analysis I
18 MAT213 Real Analysis I
19 MAT214 Abstract Algebra I
20 MAT214 Abstract Algebra I
21 MAT215 Introduction to Numerical Analysis
22 MAT215 Introduction to Numerical Analysis
23 MAT216 Research Method in Mathematics Education I
24 MAT216 Discrete Mathematics
25 MAT221 Mathematical Methods II
26 MAT221 Mathematical Methods II
27 MAT222 Linear Algebra II
28 MAT222 Operation Research I
29 MAT223 Mathematics Methodology I
30 MAT223 Complex Analysis I
31 MAT224 Complex Analysis
32 MAT224 Probability theory
33 MAT225 Real Analysis II
34 MAT226 Mathematics Methodology I
35 MAT311 Abstract Algebra II
36 MAT311 Abstract Algebra II
37 MAT312 Complex Analysis 1
38 MAT312 Complex Analysis II
39 MAT313 Introduction to Mathematical Modeling
40 MAT313 Mathematical Modelling
41 MAT314 Advanced Calculus
42 MAT314 Vector and Tensor Analysis
43 MAT315 Differential Equations
44 MAT315 Differential Equations I
45 MAT316 Functional Analysis
46 MAT316 Functional Analysis
47 MAT317 Research Method in Mathematics Education II
48 MAT317 Inferential Statistics
49 MAT318 Research Method in Mathematics Education
50 MAT321 General Topology
51 MAT321 General Topology
52 MAT322 Partial Differential Equation
53 MAT322 Differential Equation II
54 MAT323 Operation Research
55 MAT323 Linear algebra II
56 MAT324 Electromagnetism
57 MAT324 Electromagnetism
58 MAT325 Commutative Algebra I
59 MAT326 Mathematics Computation (Practical)
60 MAT327 Numeical Analysis II
61 MAT328 Mathematics Methodology II
62 MAT419 Project
63 MAT421 Commutative Algebra I
64 MAT421 Commutative Algebra II
65 MAT422 Commutative Algebra II
66 MAT422 Partial Differential Equation
67 MAT423 Lebesgue Measure and Integration
68 MAT423 Lebesgue Measure and Integration
69 MAT424 Complex Analysis II
70 MAT424 Fluid Dynamics
71 MAT425 Analytical Mechanics
72 MAT425 Operation Research II
73 MAT426 Field Theory
74 MAT426 Numerical Analysis III
75 MAT427 Regression Analysis
76 MAT428 Research Method in Mathematics Education II
77 MAT429 Final Year Project
78 MAT429 Research Method in Mathematics Education II


Five ‘O’ level credits at one sitting or six ‘O’ level credits at two sittings to include:

-English Language,
-Mathematics, and at least two subjects from
-Further Maths,
-Economics & Geography.



Two ‘A’ level subjects including:
-Mathematics and any Science subject.

Or NCE with at least merit in:
Mathematics, and one other approved Science or Social Science subject.
-Computer and Electrical Engineering.

OND/HND Upper Credit in:
-Computer and Electrical Engineering.


Mathematics, and two other subjects from Science.


Agric Science is not acceptable as a Science subject.