Department of History and Diplomatic Studies

In an age in which History as a discipline is being treated with levity with its adverse effects on its patronage as a course of study in tertiary institutions, the need to redesign the course to make it relevant is more than a leisure exercise. The redesigning informs change from the conventional department of History to Department of History and Diplomatic Studies. This effort is not a mere exercise to lure “Clients” into the department but making History meet the present realities. The world as a global village today employs, among other things, diplomatic approach in solving social, political and economic problems. Such diplomatic approach is not in isolation of the past.The department feels comfortable in responding to the needs of the moment by bringing “dosage” of diplomatic studies into the mainstream of History with its own utility. The main objective of the B.A. (Ed.) Option is to provide sound academic study of History and Diplomacy by contributing to the formation of an informed, educated and concerned citizenry.  To this end, the option is:(i)    directed towards instilling in the students critical minds for  appreciating and analyzing major political, economic, social and developmental issues in History and Diplomacy;(ii)    aimed at fostering in the students analytical and creative minds for examining critical national and international issues objectively; and(iii)    designed to create a curriculum which recognizes Africa’s central role in the mainstream of global history, politics and economy and to reflect these by offering a variety of courses notably in African, European, American, Asian and Caribbean Studies. The course will be of immense importance to prospective academics, teachers, diplomats, public servants and managers of public and private ventures.

Below are the list of Programme Under History and Diplomatic Studies

  • History and Diplomatic Studies