Department of Creative Arts

The Philosophy of B.A. (Ed.) Fine & Applied Art Option is tied with the national philosophy on Art  for self-reliance based on the provision of qualitative and morally - sound teachers endowed with a balanced approach between principles and practice of Arts for academic and professional ends. The Objectives of the option are to:1.       prepare graduates with the right attitude to, and knowledge/professional competence in practical Arts;2.       train teachers who will be capable of motivating students to acquire interest in and aptitude for Visual Arts;3.       develop in the student-.teachers the appropriate communication skills for effective transmission of artistic information and skill to the students in the context of their environment;4.       equip the student-teachers with adequate knowledge and ability to establish and manage a school studio effectively;5.       provide a sound background that will further enhance academic and professional progression of the student- teachers;6.       train good, effective, skilled and efficient Artists who will be useful in the teaching field and can be self-sufficient;7.       train Art graduates who will be morally -  sound, educationally efficient without religious and cultural bias; and8.       bridge the gap between the B.A (Fine & Applied Arts) and B.Ed (Fine & Applied Arts) graduates;

Below are the list of Programme Under Creative Arts

  • Fine and Applied Arts
  • Theatre Arts Education