Department of Religious Studies

Nigeria philosophy of Education provides that instruction should be oriented to, among others, moral and spiritual values requisite for smooth and stable interpersonal and human relations.  It is geared towards the production of teachers who possess  full awareness of God in relationship with man and whose personal character and discipline reflect, authentic Christian values, and such that they will be able to function effectively  as custodians of sound, moral and spiritual qualities particularly in their interaction with young learners in the primary and junior secondary schools.Courses are designed to enable students understand the phenomenon and social implications ofreligion in general.  In order to sharpen the students intellect and broaden their knowledge,students are exposed to courses in Christianity, Islam, African Religion, Confucianism,  Hinduism,Shintoism, Taoism,  Buddhism etc. The  aim of the department is to expose students to basic tenets of religions other than their ownin order to remove ignorance. It thus emphasizes  the academic content  of the religions studiedwith a  view of producing  broad - minded students who could cope with a pluralistic society suchas Nigeria.At the end of the programme, students will be able to;i.    demonstrate sound knowledge and appreciation of the moral values needed  to live as Christians at the various stages  of growth and development;ii.    explore the place and significance of religion in human life;iii.    logically resolve tensions and conflicts that may  arise from religious interactions;iv.    demonstrate professional proficiency for teaching Christian  Religious Studies  in primary and secondary  schools;v.    express satisfactory intellectual capacity to benefit from further education in religious studies; andvi.    expose students  to areas of learning that would make them take up careers  in teaching,  administration, social work and any useful human endeavor.

Below are the list of Programme Under Religious Studies

  • Christian Religious Studies
  • Islamic Studies
  • African Traditional Religion