Professor Olufemi A. BAMIRO.

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (Nottingham),
Ph.D. (McGill, Canada), Reg. Engr. (COREN), FNSE, FSESN

Area of Specialisation
Mechanical Engineering; Science & Technology Policy Studies.

Olufemi was born on 16 September 1947 in Ijebu-Igbo, Ogun State. He attended Molusi College, Ijebu-lgbo and proceeded to Government College, Ibadan, obtaining the best result of the year at the Cambridge Higher School Certificate (Advanced Level), 1967. Afterwards he proceeded as Shell Scholar to the Nottingham University, Nottingham, England, earning a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Mechanical Engineering with First Class Honours in 1971. He worked briefly for Shell-BP in Nigeria as pipeline engineer before proceeding to McGill University, Montreal, Canada on Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship where he obtained PhD degree in 1975 after two and half years. He returned to Nigeria to commence academic work at University of Ibadan in 1975 and rose rapidly to become the first Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the university in 1983. He is a recognized expert in issues related to Science and Technology Policy, Higher Education, Entrepreneurship Studies, and Information Technology. He also has several publications on micromechanics and technology development in local and international journals.

Current Research Projects

i. UNESCO-sponsored Reform of the Nigerian Science,Technology and

Innovation System

ii.AERC-sponsored Research on ICT and Economic Development/Higher

Education in African Countries.

A . Books or Monographs:

1. "Engineering Mechanics" by O. A Bamiro, Negussie Tebedge, and Alabi B. Published by ANSTI/RAIST, UNESCO, 1996. (ISBN 92-3-103227-5)

2. "The Planning and Writing of Grant-Oriented Research Proposals" by O.A. Bamiro, O. Oladepo, A.I. Olayinka, L. Popoola, A. Soyibo.

3. "Industry Research on the Applications Software Sector in Nigeria", by O. A. Bamiro and A. J. Alos, Research sponsored by the African Project Development Facility. Published by the Lagos Business School, Pan-African University, July, 2004.

4. "The Pains and Gains of Growth: Case Studies on Entrepreneurship" by Prof. A. J. Alos and Prof. O. A. Bamiro, LBS Management Series, Published by CP Criterion Publishers, Lagos, 2005, ISBN 978-36953-9-8.

B . Articles in Learned Journals/Refereed Conference Proceedings

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Several journal articles and project reports can be found using
http://scholar.google.com and keying ‘bamiro’. Several publications will be found under oabamiro.

Typical Example: Pilot Study of Used Oil in Nigeria by O.A Bamiro and O.Osibanjo located in