Language is an acclaimed mirror of society’s nuances and idiosyncrasies. It is a globally deployed channel for portraying, propagating and interrogating cultural norms and values. A diachronic investigation of a people’s language exposes landmarks in the people’s historical development while a synchronic survey locates contemporary societal issues. Literature on the other hand reflects the values and ills, mores and aspirations of society. It is an oft-exploited medium foregrounding salient flaws in society and proffering solutions to them. Traditionally, orature proved a sufficient and satisfactory medium for such tasks, but post-modern need to reliably document a people’s spoken and written ways for posterity, subject such to intellectual scrutiny and co-relate in a global cultural symbiotic collaboration has compelled societies to take a closer look into how linguistic and literary habits are transmitted.

The Department of English Studies of Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijagun, Ogun State, Nigeria, operating on the plank of its core pedagogical mandate, plans to midwife and house an academically stimulating, no-holds-barred period of intellectual engagement among academics, professional bards, playwrights, curriculum developers and teachers, researchers and students. We expect participants to present panel reports, position papers, etc and engage in passionate and robust discourse of topics and subjects pigeon-holed in prescribed theme and sub-themes as indicated:
Theme: English Language, Literature and Pedagogy in a Digital Age
Sub Themes:
  • New dimensions in English language and literature teaching
  • The social media in English language and literature pedagogy
  • English Language and communication in the new age
  • ICT in English language and literature teaching
  • Propagating English language and literature across cultures
  • Teaching English language in non-native enclaves
  • Planning an English language/literature curriculum in a digital environment
  • Teaching language and literature to a generation that does not read
  • Neo-colonialism and the politics of language and literature
  • Issues of evaluation of learning outcomes in the language and literature classroom
  • Open and Distance Learning (ODL) and the future of the language/literature teacher
    Abstract submission deadline: Authors are to submit abstracts of about 250 words which capture the essence of the proposed presentation on any of the sub-themes with key words carefully listed. Such abstracts should be written in English and submitted as Word document using Times New Roman, 12 font size with double spacing and 5 keywords sent as email attachment to on or before June 10, 2019.
    We also accept proposals for collaborative panels that employ an innovative approach to the received conference format, individual performances, short plays, films, videos or/and poster presentations. For collaborative presentations we ask that a designated chair of the panel submit an abstract/rationale for the panel as a whole and attach the abstracts of the individual panelists.
    Each submission should be titled “TASUED ENGLISH CONFERENCE 2019” with name and institutional affiliation done on a separate page.
    Notification of Acceptance:
    Intending participants will be notified of the position of their abstract within 2 weeks of submission.
    Full paper submission:
    Full papers should be submitted within one month after the conference following the adopted house style below:
    • Title of paper
    • Font type-Times New Roman, 12 fonts
    • Double spacing
    • 15-25 pages adopting the APA reference format
    • Co-authored papers (maximum of three authors) are acceptable
      Author’s(s’) Profile(s):
      Name(s) and title(s)
      Institutional affiliation
      Email address
      These should be sent as email attachment to
      Conference Dates and Venue:
      Arrival: Wednesday, July 24, 2019
      Opening, plenaries and panels: July 25-26, 2019
      Mop-up and Departure: Saturday, July 27, 2019
      Venue: College of Humanities (COHUM), Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijagun,
                   Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria
      Conference Highlights:
      • Keynote address: Wale Adegbite (OAU, Ife)
        • Lead paper presentation:      Marcel Okhakhu (UNIBEN)
          • Public Presentation of TetFund sponsored research/book project on Professor Niyi Osundare.
          • Special address by Prof Niyi Osundare
          • Gala night (Thursday, July 25, 2019).
          • Registration:
            Registration by intending participants should be done on or before July 10 upon payment of a fee of fifteen thousand naira (N15,000) or $40.00 (Early birds).
            (Late registration shall attract N20,000 or $50.00).
            Payment: All dues should be paid into
            First Bank account no.2014006850
            (You should please state depositor’s name and institution of affiliation and indicate English Dept. Conference 2019)
            and scanned copies of receipts sent to the Whatsapp Group: English Dept. Conference 2019 on 08036698035
            For further enquiries please contact:
            Dr Dele Sogbesan                      Dr Jamiu Oloko                     Dr Funso Sonde
            08036698035                             08032194069                         08066410446